SMTP Configuration

The API allows you to use our SMTP servers for email delivery or you can provide an SMTP server which we will use to connect to, in order to send emails on your behalf.

Select Administration > SMTP Server

SMTP Configuration

The default SITA SMTP settings are displayed which can be changed to your own SMTP details.

If you wish to use your own email address you can either grant us permission to send on that email's behalf or configure the system to connect with your own SMTP/SMTPS server. The system uses as the default outbound email address.

A test email can be sent from this page to check that the email settings are correct.

Using Your Own SMTP/SMTPS Server

Use the SMTPS configuration dialog to specify your SMTP server's IP address, port and the username/password to connect to.
Specify a Mail From Address. This value should be a domain owned by you.
You can also specify a CC or BCC address which will be used for all emails delivered on behalf of the API.

SMTPS (Secure SMTP) is supported which can be enabled on this page. A username and password are required for SMTPS.

Using Your Own SMTP/SMTPS Server with SITA Domains and are SITA domains which are preconfigured on the system. You can specify any Mail From Address addresses using either of these two domains, for example,

Both Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Authentication and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signing are enabled for and This validates that the sent email is from a trusted server for the domain and ensures that sent emails are not sent to users' spam inboxes.

  • SPF is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam. It does by verifying sender IP addresses which detects email spoofing, a common vulnerability.
  • DKIM is a method for associating a domain name with an email message, thereby allowing a person, role, or organisation to claim some responsibility for the message. The association is set up by means of a digital signature which can be validated by recipients. Responsibility is claimed by a signer - independently of the message's actual authors or recipients - by adding a DKIM-Signature field to the message's header. The verifier recovers the signer's public key using the DNS, and then verifies that the signature matches the actual message's content.

Google Now Support
Google Now support is activated by including the appropriate markup in the email template. Refer to the section Google Now Support. and are whitelisted by Google for the processing of boarding pass emails to Google Now.
If you require Google Now Support on another email on that domain, contact the Boarding Pass API support.

Remember to save changes in the Administration main page.

Using SITA's SMTP/SMTPS Server

Boarding Pass API uses Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) for sending emails. For more information on this service, refer to

Using SITA's Server with your Domain

This option provides another alternative for emails but requires the following tasks by the customer and by SITA, as follows:

  • Do not change the From Address until the following steps have been completed.
  • Contact API support,, and specify the Mail From Address you would like to send emails on.
  • Support will send a test email to this email address to verify it is a real address and ask the email owner for permission to send emails on their behalf.
  • This email will contain a link.
  • You must click on this link in order to give Amazon SES permission to send emails using this address. This is mandatory and is used to prove that you own the email address and have given Amazon permission to send emails on your behalf.
  • SITA will email you confirming the address has been whitelisted.

Now you may update the SMTP settings and we will send emails using this from address. However, it is very unlikely the emails will be caught by spam filters. In order to guarantee delivery, you must update your DNS records.

  • Seperately, SITA will provide you with DNS settings to apply to your domain, for both SPF Authentication and DKIM Signing. These changes should be applied to your DNS within 60 hours. This will help ensure that passengers email systems will not treat the emails as spam.
  • On completion of the above, if you require Google Now Support, SITA can arrange for the address to be whitelisted with Google.