API Administration

Before deciding and testing boarding passes using the API, you need to configure some airline specific settings to define your development environment and to enable the required functionality for your boarding pass apps.

You must have an Administrator login to perform API administration tasks.

Select Administration from the main menu.

The main administration page enables you to save and apply or discard any changes made to boarding passes for this partition.

Airline Administration

When you click on the Save and Apply Changes button, the Save Modifications dialog is displayed. This dialog indicates where you made changes within the API.

Saving Modifications Dialog

You can enter a comment that will identify your changes in the Configuration History Log. (See Configuration History).

The other administration configuration options for this partition are as follows:

  • General

    Configure general airline settings.

  • Legal

    Displays Terms and Conditions for using the API.

  • API Settings

    Configure API functionality.

  • SMS Gateway

    Configure SMS gateway settings.

  • SMTP Server

    Configure SMTP Server settings.