Third Party Service Availability

Depending on the partition configuration and the individual Issue Boarding Pass Request, boarding passes may be delivered by API, SMS, Email or Push Notification.

SMS, Email, and Push Notification depend on third party services which may not be 100% available. The Boarding Pass API will retry pass delivery for up to 4 hours in the event of these services not being available.

Delivery acknowledgements are returned by the SMS Provider once it has accepted a message from the API for delivery. When a message is accepted for delivery, no further automatic attempts are made to resend the message.

The SMS provider will retry to send the SMS if the phone is switched off or out of coverage. If an SMS cannot be delivered to a particular number, this is something that a retry will not change. The phone number may be incorrect, phone switched off, roaming turned off, etc.

When the SMS is delivered (or delivery fails), the final delivery status for the SMS is sent back to the API.