IP Addressing for Legacy Airline Data Centres

Typically, the application that is issuing boarding passes is hosted in an airline data centre. Some data centres restrict outbound HTTP connections to specific IP addresses. Changing the IP address can be a manual process involving security approval, firewall changes and may take some days to implement.

SITA provide static IP addresses for airlines with this limitation in their data centre and guarantee they will not change without prior notice. Airlines requiring static IP addresses must notify SITA and provide contact details so that any IP address changes can be properly and timely notified.

If your airline data centre restricts connections to specified or known IP addresses, we can provide static endpoints when calling the API to ensure that all IP addresses are approved for connection from the data centre.

To meet overall SLA requirements, SITA reserves the right to remove individual IP addresses from the DNS pool for maintenance and upgrade. When performing scheduled maintenance on these servers, SITA will first change the DNS settings to remove the server from the pool; allow time for the DNS changes to propagate, and then perform maintenance.

It is critical that your infrastructure uses DNS for domain name/IP address resolution.