API Hosting

SITA uses Amazon Web Services for hosting the BoardingPass API.

The application tier is currently deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud. The data tier is deployed on the Amazon RDS infrastructure.

BoardingPass API Deployment on AWS

Each Elastic Beanstalk system is composed of a load balancer plus multiple application servers. The application servers are running in different availability zones within a region. The load balancer directs traffic to available application servers.

Auto scaling supports peaks in demand by auto starting new instances if the system is overloaded or an instance or availability zone fails. Amazon CloudWatch provides monitoring of response times and application health on each API instance.

When upgrading, SITA creates a new environment and swaps URLs after testing to ensure zero downtime during redeployment. There are two Elastic Beanstalk systems to provide high availability of load balancers. These are configured as Primary/Backup. Amazon Route 53 with health checks is used to provide mapping of the domain name to the appropriate Elastic Beanstalk system.

Three HTTP servers with static IP addresses are configured as proxies to the application servers. Amazon Route 53 is used to resolve the domain prod2dbp.api.aero to one of the IP addresses. Routing is based on the user’s location and latency of each of these servers with health checks used to include/exclude individual IP’s from the proxy server pool.