Updating Boarding Passes

An alert notification can be sent to notify the passenger if there is a change in any details relating to their boarding pass, for example, if there is a gate change or if the time of a scheduled flight is changed.

An alert is sent to the passenger’s mobile device using the Push API facility which is available via the Development Console. Push notifications may also be used to push other types of information in addition to boarding pass updates.

From a design point of view, the following items can be customised to ensure the correct display of the notification on the boarding pass:

  • Corporate identification icon (icon.png)
  • Company Name (pass.json file - organizationName field)
  • Message Text (pass.json file - changeMessage field)

Adding Alert Messages

The changeMessage field in the pass.json file enables you to add messages which will be used for alert notifications. The following are some examples of some messages which are configured with a key, label and field value.

"boardingPass" : { "auxiliaryFields" : [ { "changeMessage" : "Boarding time changed to %@.",
            "key" : "boardingTime",
            "label" : "BOARDING",
            "value" : "${BRec.boardingHHMM}"
          { "changeMessage" : "Flight number changed to %@",
            "key" : "flightNewName",
            "label" : "FLIGHT",
            "value" : "${BRec.carrier}${BRec.flightNumber}"

Testing Updates

To test your updates:

  1. Select the following options from the console menus:

    Application Developers > API Testers > Update Flight

  2. Change the gate information of the flight that you have issued the boarding pass for. You can also change the boarding HHMM, depart HHMM or add a generic flight message.
    Note: It is important to use the same carrier, origin, destination and flight number to correctly identify the flight.
  3. Click on the Update Passes for this Flight button.
  4. Check that the update is sent correctly to your iPhone or iPod.