Testing JSON passes

Entering Sample Data for Testing

Sample template data can be entered in the Development Console which can be used to test the pass.json file and test the boarding pass in general.

Select the following options from the console menus:

Airline Admin > Sample Template Data

Enter your sample data in the appropriate fields on this screen.

Testing the pass.json File

The pass.json file can be tested to ensure that data is processed correctly by the pass.json file. This utility tests for any syntax errors in the file and ensures that the file will be able to display all the relevant information in the correct locations in the Passbook.

Enter sample data as described in the previous section and then return to the Apple Passbook configuration screen and click on the Template Tester tab.

To test the file using the sample data, click on the Test Passbook Template button.

The test utility runs the file and checks for any errors. If any errors occur, they are displayed accordingly. The file can then be debugged and retested.