Saving and Testing the Boarding Pass

When you have completed designing your Passbook boarding pass, and have tested the pass.json file, you must then save the new configuration.

The boarding pass can then be opened on your iPhone or iPod to enable you to check your design.

Note: To test the boarding pass remember to add sample data. See the section on Sample Data

Saving the Boarding Pass

To save changes to your boarding pass:

  1. Select the following option from the console menu: Airline Admin

  2. Click on the Save and Apply Changes button to save all changes.
    Click on the Discard Changes button if you which to discard any modifications you have made.
    The Save Modifications dialog is displayed. This dialog indicates where you made changes within the API.

  3. Enter a comment that will identify the reasons for your changes.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button.

Testing the Boarding Pass

The Apple Passbook boarding pass can be tested on your iPhone or iPod as follows:

  1. Select the following options from the console menus: Airline Reports > Boarding Passes

    A list of all created boarding passes and their associated web pages, emails and SMS messages are displayed.

  2. Select the boarding pass which you have customised for Passbook from the list.

  3. Copy the URL of the Web Page into the Safari browser on the iPhone or iPod. A page similar to the following will be displayed:

  4. Scroll down through this page until you see the Add to Passbook button as shown:

  5. Press this button to save the boarding pass to Passbook. The front page of the Passbook boarding pass is displayed in as shown:

  6. Touch the information icon at the bottom right hand side of the boarding pass in order to view the back page details.

    If you update the template, you must refresh the boarding pass web page in the Safari browser and store the boarding pass to the Passbook again as per Step 5.