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Everything you need to know

  • Who can join?
    This initiative is open to airlines, airports, ground handlers, governments and other organisations with a role in the air transport industry.

  • When does it launch?
    September 2018

  • Can I run my own node / do I have to run my own node?
    SITA will setup a fully functioning network. Participants can use the network as is, or can choose to operate their own node.

  • Is this a production environment?
    No. This is a sandbox environment for collaborative learning about network deployment architectures, and governance of permissioned blockchains.

  • How much does it cost to use?
    There is no cost to use the network. This sandbox is provided by SITA as a community service. However, if you wish to operate your own node, you will have to cover those costs.

  • Is this a public or private blockchain network?
    This is a permissioned private network, specifically for the air transport industry.

  • What blockchain implementation will it use?
    There are many different implementations of blockchain. We are currently evaluating the leading platforms suitable for permissioned blockchains with smart contract support. For example, Ethereum, Fabric or Sawtooth.

  • Will there be an ICO?

  • Can I deploy my own dApps?
    Yes. The intention is to make this infrastructure available for organizations to experiment, learn and iterate.

  • Can I keep my dApps secret?
    Yes. While the benefit of blockchain is enabling better collaboration, there will be many reasons why an airport or airline wants to do their own thing, especially in these early days of experimentation.

  • How can I get involved in the sandbox?
    There will be many ways to get involved in the sandbox once we open up access. You can get involved at a coding level – creating smart-contracts & the REST API interfaces to them. Or at a business process design level, by coming up with use-cases & imagining new ways of doing things in our industry, or you can contribute data and bring these use-cases to live. We plan to open access to the group chat server by end of August, and will host web-ex demos & discussions in the near future.

  • I want to be part of Flight Chain – what do I do?
    It is relatively simple to be part of Flight Chain, if you have an API for querying flight status on your system. Ideally this will support ACRIS JSON data, but if not, a simple adapter can be used to convert from your data format to ACRIS. If you want to be part of FlightChain AND have an API that SITA can access over public internet, then send us an email with the details of this API and we will assess if we can implement this adapter for you.

  • I have an idea for use-case X, will SITA implement it for me?
    In short, no. SITA is not committing to implementing all use-cases as part of this project. However, see the question below…

  • I have an idea for use-case X, will SITA collaborate with me?
    Yes! Blockchain is all about collaboration – and SITA can collaborate by discussing use-cases with you, finding partner airlines/airports who are interested in the same use cases and helping you to run these on the sandbox. For some use-cases SITA can also write the smart contracts & interface code needed for this.

  • I have an idea for use-case X, and I already have collaboration partners. Do I have to involve SITA?
    No. This sandbox is for you, our airline and airport customers without any pre-conditions. Once you have access, you are under no obligation to include SITA in your project, or disclose any IP to SITA. We can work with you so you understand how to deploy your project, and ensure that the infrastructure is right-sized for you.

  • I am neither an airline nor an airport, but I do supply services to them. Can my company join?
    Initially access will be restricted to airlines & airports. This is to ensure that participants are comfortable sharing information & data on the network. If you are currently working with and airline or airport on a blockchain use-case, then that customer can register on your behalf. We do intend to open up access as the network evolves, and will take guidance from airlines and airports on when & how to do this.

  • I am a developer, I am impatient to start. What can I do?
    Clone https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-samples/tree/release-1.2/chaincode and https://github.com/sitalab/FlightChain and work through the Fabric samples, and then deploy Flight Chain locally. Track progress of Flight Chain through that project.