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Blockchain technology is one of the most hyped technologies in recent times. It’s also a confusing mix of terminology such as consensus models, smart contracts, ICOs, public vs. permissioned. There are as many use cases as there are open questions. This raises barriers to understanding and raises unrealistic expectations for what blockchain technology can do.

"As an industry, we need to get to the point where we can determine if blockchain is of use to us. And if it is of use, what is the best way to deploy, manage, operate and govern this shared technology. The Aviation Blockchain Sandbox is all about accelerating this process," - Gus Pina, Director of SITA Lab

Blockchain is, at its heart, a collaborative technology. Over two years of research, SITA Lab, SITA's strategic technology research arm, has formed the opinion that a private permissioned blockchain best serves the requirements of the industry for a multitude of use cases. In order to accelerate the understanding of blockchain in the industry, SITA is launching the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox. This is a fully managed blockchain infrastructure for airlines, airports and other industry stakeholders to use. Participants can join existing dApps (such as Flight Chain), collaborate on new dApps that SITA will be building or deploy their own. Participants can host their own node, or simply use the existing network as is.

The Aviation Blockchain Sandbox is a SITA Lab initiative to accelerate the understanding of blockchain technology in the air transport industry.

What's in the Sandbox

  • Infrastructure
    Scalable architecture fit for purpose, ready to use. Attach your own node to the network or use the infrastructure as is.
  • dApp Templates
    Reference code on Github to kick start your own projects.
  • Governance
    We will operate the the network according to agreed community standards and setup trust frameworks to manage sharing of data.
  • Community Love
    Join a community of innovators to work on use-cases of common interest and benefit for the air transport industry.

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  • Phase 1 - September 2018
    Initial launch of the blockchain infrastructure, with Flight Chain dApp. Airlines and airports, with a source of operational flight data, will be able to contribute to and use this dApp.
  • Phase 2 - October 2018
    Airlines and airports will be able to deploy their own dApps onto the blockchain.
  • Phase 3 - December 2018
    Airlines and airports will be able to host their own blockchain nodes.


  • Who can join?
    This initiative is open to airlines, airports, ground handlers, governments and other organisations with a role in the air transport industry.
  • When does it launch?
    September 2018
  • Can I run my own node / do I have to run my own node?
    SITA will setup a fully functioning network. Participants can use the network as is, or can choose to operate their own node.
  • Is this a production environment?
    No. This is a sandbox environment for collaborative learning about network deployment architectures, and governance of permissioned blockchains.
  • How much does it cost to use?
    There is no cost to use the network. This sandbox is provided by SITA as a community service. However, if you wish to operate your own node, you will have to cover those costs.
  • Is this a public or private blockchain network?
    This is a permissioned private network, specifically for the air transport industry
  • What blockchain implementation will it use?
    There are many different implementations of blockchain. We are currently evaluating the leading platforms suitable for permissioned blockchains with smart contract support. For example, Ethereum, Fabric or Sawtooth.
  • Will there be an ICO?
  • Can I deploy my own dApps?
    Yes. The intention is to make this infrastructure available for organizations to experiment, learn and iterate.
  • Can I keep my dApps secret?
    Yes. While the benefit of blockchain is enabling better collaboration, there will be many reasons why an airport or airline wants to do their own thing, especially in these early days of experimentation.

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