API Key & Access Control

To access the APIs you will need to be issued with an appId and apiKey. These values are passed in as HTTP headers (or query parameter). It is recommended to use HTTP Headers as these are less likely to be dumped to web logs as your API is processed. However the examples throughout the documentation use query parameters for ease of use.

For example:

curl "https://cube.api.aero/atibeacon/beacons/1/LHR/720E693E-B44E-4FEF-8047-C4DC1F564C8C/1100/12" --header "X-appId: xxxxxxx" --header "X-apiKey: yyyyyyyyyyyy"

curl "https://cube.api.aero/atibeacon/beacons/1/LHR/720E693E-B44E-4FEF-8047-C4DC1F564C8C/1100/12?app_id=xxxxxxx&app_key=yyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Note: For now, access to the registry is on an invite basis only. Please contact jerry.zeephat@sita.aero for further details.