Example API calls

This API will retrieve the basic information for all beacons at the airport identified by the query param airportCode (DFW).

curl "https://cube.api.aero/atibeacon/beacons/1?airportCode=DFW&app_id={application Id}&app_key={application key}"

This API will retrieve the enriched data for the beacon identified by the UUID/major/minor values. Note also that flight details are passed as optional query parameters. The SITA Registry Server will use this data to identify the departure gate for that flight.

curl "https://cube.api.aero/atibeacon/beacons/1/CPH/1AE18C1C-6C7B-4AED-B166-4462634DA855/15/1?flightNumber=OV144&flightDate=2014-07-20&app_id={application Id}&app_key={application key}"

Beacon Registry SDK

To simplify calling the REST APIs, there is a SDK available on https://github.com/sitalab/beaconRegistry