WTR Delayed Bag

The WTR Delayed Bag Service creates a Delayed Bag Service for airlines using the BagJourney services. The API speeds up the Delayed Bag report process for passengers using a mobile app.
WTR Delayed Bag Service requires a mandatory Customer Service API Key and Delayed Bag Create Request.

The Create Delayed Bag operation is a HTTP Post request with mandatory parameters. The response of this operation will be in JSONP format.


Verb URI Description
POST https://bagjourney.sita.aero/baggage/delayedbags/v1.0/} Creates a delayed bag report

Request Parameters

Parameter Value Mandatory Description
Request String True WTR JSON - Create delayed bag request

Note:The WTR Create Request must contain all the WTR mandatories according to AirlneVendorID used.

Request Query JSON Response

WTR Delayed Bags Create Request Schema

The request will return a response in the following standard format:

WTR Delayed Bags Create Response Schema

Sample Response - Success
HTTP Code Text Description
200 OK Success


   "success": true,
         "bagtag": "1234567890",
          "passenger_first_name": "JOHN",
          "passenger_last_name": "SMITH",
          "rush_bag_indicator": "Y",
Sample Response - Failure
HTTP Code Text Description
400 Bad Request The request is invalid. On violation of not providing mandatory fields or any data kind validation on request parameters except for API Key
401 Unauthorized
  1. Customer Service API Key is mandatory
  2. Customer Service API Key does not exist
  3. Customer Application not authorized to create delayed bag report for the airline
404 Not Found Resource not found

JSONP – Sample response for HTTP Code 400

   "success": false,
   "errors": [
{"error_code": "BJYGBH003","error_description": "Customer Service API Key is mandatory"},
{"error_code": "BJYGBH004","error_description": "Customer Service API Key does not exist"},
{"error_code": "BJYDBR005","error_description": "Customer Application not authorized to create delayed bag report for the airline"},
{"error_code": "BJYSRV001","error_description": "System is currently unavailable, please contact SITA Administrator"}

Sample error response from WTR

{"WTR_BagsCreateRS": {
   "Errors": {"Error": [   {
      "value": "AIRLINE NOT FOUND",
      "Code": "2004"
   "Version": 0.1